Filth Can't Love Filth

adapted by Nastassia Maltsava and Sharlee Taylor from The Maids, by Jean Genet

Performed at The Sonnet Theater, Producer's Club, New York


February 2nd, 2018


The Maids  was written by Jean Genet in 1947, and in that very year it was first performed. Since then, it has been interpreted and re-interpreted many times, on stages around the world. For this reason, we have decided not to perform Genet's text, but to create a parallel story, which we have called "Filth Can't Love Filth". Here, the action takes place in contemporary Manhattan, where many people - though not necessarily called "maids" - work in private homes.

Two maids, Claire and Solange, rehearse the murder of their mistress, Miss. They live in her home. They receive a regular salary, and sometimes presents from her. Whence this overwhelming desire to kill? After all, Miss's murder cannot not go unpunished.

Claire and Solange are in love with pain. It is only in their rehearsals, giving and receiving pain from one another, that they can express themselves. They dream of causing pain to Miss, a woman of their own age - who is yet so far beyond their reach.

"Filth Can't Love Filth" is a story of three women. Two men appear in the house from time to time: Miss's Lover and the Milk Man. But we only hear about them. Miss is attracted to men, Claire to women, Solange to both women and men. And all these strains of attraction and repulsion mingle into a deadly cocktail...

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